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Month of Interesting Things Day #16: Scribblenauts
Computer love
Today, for my interesting thing, I'm going to talk about Scribblenauts.

Scribblenauts is a game that is superduper fun. Originally, it was made for the Nintendo DS, but you can also play it on iPhone or iPad. I know it's available for purchase at the iTunes store for like $.99. If you are savvy, you can also play it on your computer, which is what I do.

The concept is this: every level has a problem you must solve. Your character has to get the little shiny star, and sometimes you have to help people get what they need, or prevent people from being maimed by zombies or lava, or solve some other problem. To help you, you just type in what ever thing, object, person, vehicle, mythical creature, etc., and then that thing appears on screen and you are able to use it to help you solve the level. It is so much fun. One time, I chose Sasquatch and yeti just to see who would win in a fight. (It was the Yeti.) It's a game I highly recommend to anyone who likes playing games, using their imagination, or having a great time.