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Month of Interesting Things Days #17 and 18: Lying Game and Burn Notice
TV love
I can't believe I missed yesterday. I've been so consistent! Anyhow, today and going to talk about two interesting things to make up for not posting yesterday: The Lying Game & Burn Notice.

The Lying Game is an ABC Family original series about identical twins separated at birth who find each other when they are teenagers. One is living the dream life in a mansion with rich parents in Scottsdale. The other starts out life in a series of exponentially suckier foster care situations. When the poor one (Emma) is accused of stealing, she runs to her identical twin for help. Then, the rich twin (Sutton) convinces Emma to take her place so that she can pursue finding their birth parents. Anyhow, it's well-established that I love anything having to do with identical twins switching places, and this is no exception to that rule. The show is equal parts intrigue, awesomeness and bouts of shameless ridiculosity. I LOVE it. I think it airs on Thursday nights, but I recommend watching from the beginning. You will thank me later.

Burn Notice, a USA original series, has been on for five seasons (I think). Right now, I'm getting caught up via Netflix, and I'm really enjoying it. If you like watching shows about spies who lend their special skills to the less privileged in order to exact justice, this is just the show for you. Also, if you like Bruce Campbell, you will love this, because he's in it (and he's awesome).