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Month of Interesting Things Days #19-20: Jewel
So, I didn't post anything yesterday for my interesting thing. It's becoming kind of hard to think of interesting things everyday. So, today I'm going to talk about Jewel.

A while ago, I got to go to a Jewel concert at the local casino with my sister Kellie. It was awesome. There, I learned a couple of interesting things which I'm going to share for today (and yesterday).

#1: "Who Will Save Your Soul" was not only Jewel's first single, but it was also the first song that she ever wrote.

#2: "You Were Meant for Me" was written while Jewel was on a trip to Mexico in which she and her friend stumbled onto an abandoned town and then helped the Mexican police track down and capture a couple of drug runners.

I also drew the picture below of Jewel on my computer.