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Month of Interesting Things Day #21: We Need Each Other
I once heard someone say that no one knows how to build a toaster. And it's true. There isn't a single person in the world who can build a working toaster by themselves. They may know how to make it with all of the components, but without someone making those components for them, they can't make the toaster. This video below, which is a little under 11 minutes long, is about one man's attempt at making a fully working toaster by himself. He mines the ore for the wires and metal components, and does everything from SCRATCH.

This is interesting to me because it just really hits home the fact that our world is so awesome because we all work together. We can go to the store and buy something as simple as a toaster for little more than $10. And while the toaster is simple, it's also amazingly complex in its form. So many different components were gathered worldwide to make it, and it is still relatively cheap for us to just go out and purchase. Our world works because we all work together. And the video illustrates that without overtly stating it.

I exist in this world because other people are taking care of me, but when you think about it long enough, even if you feel very alone, you aren't. There are other people taking care of you. There are the people who make the electricity work every day for us. There are workers in factories around the world making the items that we use every day. There are farmers and food distributors growing and shipping the food we eat. We all work together and we all need each other. It's beautiful.