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Month of Interesting Things, Days #22-25: Random
Haven't written since day 21 of my month of interesting things, so to catch up, I'm just going to post a couple of interesting things to make up for it.

Day #22 -- It's impossible to lick your elbow.

Day #23 -- My prior driving record is pretty interesting. In the 11 months that I was an able, licensed driver, I got into three car accidents, received three moving violation tickets, and I got pulled over by police, highway patrol or the county sheriff over 13 times. One of the car accidents includes totaling my own car just eight days after I had purchased it. (Sometimes I think God paralyzed me just to stop me from driving, you know, for the safety of others.)

Day #24 -- The little depression below the nose and above the lips is called the philtrum or infranasal depression.

Day #25 -- Yesterday, I learned some public speaking tips. One of them was to tell stories to your audience to get them to connect with you, and another was to try not to impress them. That makes the audience think you are a snob. The other one that I remember was not to give them too much information. Just three or four main points is enough for most people. (I also think it's important to keep any public speech as short as possible. But that wasn't in the article I read.)