January 31st, 2012

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Month of Interesting Things, Days #29-31: Sites to Go to

I really want to finish what I started this month, so I'm going to do my last three interesting things. As I start writing this, I realize I have only about 15 minutes left of this month to do it in. My three interesting things for today are going to be sites that you can go onto and find interesting things on.

#1 -- Pinterest. This is a site where you can pin up pictures of interesting things that you like. I use it for recipes, mainly, but I also like using it sort of like a bookmarks place.

#2 -- Stumble upon. This is a really random site where you can just click on a category, and then keep on clicking on the stumble button until you come across something interesting. I found a bunch of really cool quizzes this way, and also a bunch of interesting articles on psychology, which is really interesting to me.

#3 -- Ted.com. This is where I found a lot of really cool videos. The majority of them are lectures, but there isn't an uninteresting one in the lot. I have watched video on the economy of drug dealing which was fascinating, and I've watched videos on how our minds are not very logical at all. There are also performance videos which are inspiring and fascinating. I learn a lot, and I think that is really interesting.