May 1st, 2012

California bear

Excitement Levels by Month

I haven't written since the end of January, so I've decided to do another month-long theme of writing. So, I'm going to do "my life in charts."

Today, I'm featuring a chart called "Excitement Levels by Month." This chart illustrates how excited I am about life according to each month.

As you can see, I start out the year at a medium excitement level. This is because I love new beginnings, and I've just written all of my impossible resolutions, and I'm psyched for the year to come. Then, in February, my excitement level dips down considerably. This is usually because of the cold weather, and about halfway through the month I realize that my goals are pretty unrealistic, and I'm never going to accomplish them, and also I'm not learning about black history like I wanted to. It goes up again in March, because the weather starts to improve, and also because my favorite little flowers (golden poppies) start blooming wildly along the sides of the roads, and I just think they are so lovely and beautiful that I can't be in a bad mood. As the weather improves, so does my mood. I love summer, so you'll see that my excitement levels are pretty high during these months. Also, July is Comic Con, and I have an amazing time every year, so that's the high point of my year. Also, I just love the concept of summer, which is (one of the many reasons) why I became a teacher, so I don't have to do anything during these months if I don't want to. When October comes along, I start to bum out a little bit, because the days are getting shorter, and I don't like the darkness. I wish it could be day all the time (sometimes). But, it's not super low, because I like Halloween. It perks up again in November, because I love Thanksgiving -- my favorite holiday. Then it gets low in December, because the days are unbelievably short, and then I always get really grumpy about the commercialization of Christmas, etc.