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Santa Claus
30 rock, lemon holiday
I've been listening to Christmas music this morning, for no particular reason at all. I just felt like it, and then Norm Boaz came over to my house so we could practice our musical number which we will be performing during church today (I'm whistling). He has always kind of reminded me of Santa Claus, and that, combined with the listening to Christmas music got me thinking about Santa Claus.

Specifically, that I've actually seen Santa Claus a couple of times. I'm not talking about any of the fake Santa Clauses. I'm talking about the genuine article. Yeah, folks, the REAL Santa Claus. I have seen him, when he was on vacation from the north pole, so it wasn't around Christmas time.

The first time was at Target. I looked over from my shopping, and I see this guy. (I normally look people in the eyes anytime I can, unless there are too many of them, and I don't know why. I feel like acknowledging others is really important, so I try to do it as much as possible without going overboard to Creepy-Ville; not sure how successful I am not that.) So, he's standing there looking at some Cheez-Its, and then he turns and I look him in the eye.

First, let me describe him to you: probably around 5 foot 10; sparkling white hair; full, fluffy beard; he was wearing a red T-shirt and jeans with black suspenders and a black leather wristband. His cheeks were nice and rosy, and he had that telltale twinkle in his eye.

You know how you see a stranger, or someone you think is a stranger, but then you do a double take because it's someone you know? That's what I did when I saw Santa Claus. I looked at him, right in the eye, and my look was one of recognition, like I totally knew who he was. And then my look was like, "Is it really you?" And then he sort of nodded his head a little, and the sparkle in his eye said, "Yeah, I AM Santa Claus." Then I smiled, because that was incredibly awesome. He went back to picking out his Cheez-Its, and I went about my day with some jingle bells in my heart.

The second time was on the 15 freeway going south. We were in the far left lane, and then when I looked over in the lane just to the right of us, I saw him again. He was driving a silver PT Cruiser.

So, what's the moral of the story? I'm not sure exactly. Maybe it's, "If you pay attention to your surroundings, you might just see something incredibly awesome."