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Joan of Arcadia
Today marks the 14th anniversary of the accident that paralyzed me from the shoulders down. I'm going to be going to Disneyland today later on. You know, to celebrate. It's kind of like my birthday, because it's the day that changed everything in my life.

But, I want to talk about something funny right now. The other day, I was at a doctor's appointment, and I was chatting with the lady who checked me in. She asked me how I was injured. I then told her the following, "I was riding a boat in the ocean, and then I dived headfirst into the ocean and hit my head on the back of a sea turtle!" She totally believed me, and you should have seen her face! Hilarious! Then, I told her I was lying. And she was all, "Yeah, I know." But it kind of looked like she was eating my story up. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!