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Weird Dream, Heroes
I had a dream last night where my former British literature teacher was giving me a test in British literature, and instead of writing, it was about digging. My friend Christina was there, and we were both digging for our final exam. It was supposed to be some type of archaeological thing, and it totally made sense. Later in the dream, Christina came to my house, and I asked her what she wanted to do. She said, "I don't know about you... but I'd really like to dig." Then, she brings a bunch of dirt out of the back of her truck (which she does not have in real life) so we can dig through it.

And, because I have no clever segues, I will now talk briefly about Heroes. Was I the only one who thought, after seeing Sylar in the middle of the jungle, that he had somehow found his way to the LOST island? Crossover! He he.

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I've never watched Lost, but the thought did briefly pass through my mind.

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