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Saturday, I went to the Orange County swap meet with Kellie and her boyfriend Justin. I spent way too much money and time in the sun. I'm a little bit sunburnt today. I did get a lot of really cool things, and my sister got a bike as an early Christmas present. She is really happy about that. After the swap meet, we picked up my friend Justin in Anaheim on the way home. We had to wait for a bit because we finished at the swap meet pretty early (1030) and his train did not get in until 2:41 p.m.

I'm doing well with school, even if I'm behind schedule right now. I feel like getting everything done all at once, but classes rarely go that way.

This TV season, I'm really enjoying Kid Nation which I am currently obsessed about. Anyone also watching this show?

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I thought about watching it until I a read a sort of spoofed review on it on somethingawful.com.

I was little creeped out that these kids parents agreed to the whole scenario.

And a rumor that some kid mistook an unlabled bottle of bleach that just happened to be sitting around for ginger ale and drank it??

I think if I actually watched a little bit of it I might get hooked in a can't-look-away-from-the-big-mess way.

It's totally not a giant mess, and I think that rumor about the bleach is totally false. The producers/camera people are not to let anything bad happen to these kids.

I find it really delightful. I hear that they are currently filming the next season, so I'm happy that it is going to go on.

Ooh, I'm watching Kid Nation, but keep forgetting to talk about it! I'm glad that Taylor lost her seat on the council, even though it's kind of evil to root against a 10-year old. I mean, I like her okay, but it was definitely time for a change. Deal with it, Taylor!

I felt bad for the turnover on the Red Team, though.

It was time for a change. I'm glad Taylor got voted off. At first, I kind of admired her for her manipulative ways, but the laziness and the "deal with it" got to me. Go Zach!

My heart was breaking for the poor former leader of the red team (Mike). It just brought back all those repressed memories of being picked last in elementary school. Poor guy!

They are currently filming the next season in New Mexico, so we will get more of this next year! Yes!

Hey Kimgirl,

I sadly have not seen Kid Nation yet. What I did see on the news though was that there are some major fires going on over there! Is this affecting you? Maybe I will just call you if I get the chance.

Love ya, Kerrigirl

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