Kim (theamyrlin) wrote,


There are lots of fires in Southern California right now. As a SoCal resident, I have to tell you that I am doing fine. The fires are not very close to where I am. The closest one is one of the smaller ones and it is about 20 miles away. The main issues for us are all of the smoke, dust, and ash. Of course, my dad did not go into work Monday and he is staying home again tomorrow. I have a very important appointment tomorrow in Riverside, and while the path looks clear, I have to call and make sure that the business is open.

I just wonder about the simultaneity of these fires. There are about one dozen burning in all different areas -- at the exact same time. It seems fishy to me. I hope that things start cooling down soon and that we get to the bottom of this.
Tags: fires, general well-being, southern california
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