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More about fires...
I think I'm a little congested and allergic because of all the fires. I had a very hard time sleeping last night.

Anyhow, here is a map that shows you are all the fires are. I am in Murrieta, and while it looks like there is a fire right where I am, it's about 20 miles away, and it should be contained 100% by tonight. I'm pretty lucky. I just feel so sad for those who are not as lucky.

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Well I'm glad that you aren't in the fire zone. This is such an awful, unthinkable thing. I can't believe how random and widespread this is!

I miss you- I'm glad you're okay.
Love Ya, kerrigirl

I'm glad, too. Thank you for checking up on me!

I'm excited if you come to visit me in January! Yay! I'm totally looking forward to Kerri time!

Good. Not about the sleeping stuff, but about the not being near fires stuff.

The fires are dying down, so that's really good news. I have to travel down where the fires are tomorrow, so I'm hoping that they will be small/nonexistent and not smoky. I can't believe that I haven't updated in almost a week. Where does the time go?

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