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I've lost my keys; where are they?

Mini summary: (FYI: this is just for me, so when I look back on these entries I can remember what happened in an episode.) Sydney returns from wherever she was for two years to world that is completely askew: Vaughn is married, SpyDaddy is in prison, Sloane is (supposedly) reformed, Will is gone, SpyMommy is also gone, Francie is gone, Sark is gone, Dixon is head of the division, this new guy from NSC is making everyone really pissed off, and maybe like two people are surprised that Sydney is back when it was pretty much concluded that she was dead. And one of those guys was a complete stranger. Just about the only things that are the same are these two things: Weiss and Marshall. Unconcerned by her arrival, the CIA sends her on a mission which she uses as leverage to free her Dad from prison. After SpyDaddy is free, he tells Sydney that he knew she was alive because he has some video footage of her slitting a Russian Diplomat's throat. Also, before all that happened, Sydney totally yelled at Vaughn for not waiting around for her to come back to life.

Kimmentary: I love this show. I hadn't seen any of the previews for this episode, which is preferable because it allows me to come into the episode completely expectationless. When I don't have any expectations, I really can't have my hopes tromped on, can I? Anyway, I didn't really love or hate this episode. I'm glad that JJ decided to stick with the two years in the future plan, and not negate it in any way. It would have ruined the dramatic impact of the finale. I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to see my boyfriend, Sark. I don't really like Vaughn all that much, not because he got married and moved on with his life, but just because I never really have. Not to dog Vartan, but I never completely bought his spy abilities; perhaps it's because I did a music video (Sydney/Vaughn) and his little nuances and stuff were completely magnified, and lacking form. Watching the same clip of Vaughn hitting Dixon on the head, or Vaughn running in the hallway after the huge water explosion over and over again can do that. That being said, I can totally understand Vaughn moving on. He probably thought to himself, "Sydney would have wanted me to be happy." It's really not his fault. I also see Sydney's point of view, as well; she truly believes that had the positions been reversed, she would have waited. Whether or not this is true, I guess we will never know.

Let's see... I don't buy Sloane's reformation, and I believe we have canon to support that: Kung Fu the Legend Continues Guy gave Sloane that paper (or whatever it was) at the exact moment that Rambaldi predicted the start of something bad happening. Also, what is his crazy fixation on being a father figure to Sydney? Creepy! Speaking of creepy, how creepy is his organization's name: OmniFam? It sounds like the name of a really dangerous cult.

I'm also not really sure how this whole blackmailing thing is done. Because all Sydney wanted was her Dad out of jail, but now he has CIA clearance, and apparently, she still has her CIA clearance. Nothing was said about that during the, "I'm seriously going to destroy this with fire if you don't do what I say" scene. Weird as ever.

Mini-summary: Laynie and Amy try to become alcoholics, but Ephram narks them out to Bright. Everyone at the ECC frat party is really sad to see the girls go. Meanwhile, Dr. Brown breaks up a secret preteen orgy fest going on in the woods. Also, Julie Abbott comes back from Africa to practice medicine in the family practice with her big brother Dr. Abbott.

Kimmentary: I love the reluctant friendship between Ephram and Bright this episode; it's so reminiscent of their fathers' relationship. I loved seeing Everwood 1968. How cute was Harold? I didn't really care about the medical emergency of the week, but I loved how they tied it in to Nina finally telling Andy about her husband. I still really love Laynie.

Joan of Arcadia
Mini-summary: The daughter of the Chief of police, is harassed by multiple people claiming to be God. One of the guys is totally my boyfriend. Anyway, this girl (Joan) finally does what God asks her and ends up almost getting attacked by a serial killer. But after that, she makes her older crippled brother see how lazy he was being and he resolves to get a job.

Kimmentary: I thought this show was pretty cute. The wheelchair boy was kind of pissing me off though. He was all, "boo who. I can't walk. My life sucks!" Dude. He has been like that for 18 months, and he's still moping around? If I were as "crippled" as he, I would be really happy. He still has the possibility to live a completely independent life. Plus, his Mom was right: walking is overrated. Most people do try to avoid it. He could be worse off: as in completely paralyzed, not even able to to move his hands or arms. Ughh. I wish I could whap him with a shovel. Whiny little paraplegic that does not know how good he's got it. Plus, I really think they did not describe the typical wheelchair-ized person. Most of us are not like that. We don't spend all our time wishing things were different. I think that's what infuriated me the most.

Anyway, Kris Lemche (God) is so totally my boyfriend. I've loved him ever since I saw him on Dragnet. He's so cute. I really don't know what this show was up to just yet, but I'm willing to give it a couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, I mentioned this the other day, but I just realized how many shows I watched with characters named "Luke" or "Lucas" -- seven! I will do a more thorough write-up on this later on.

I also bought my tickets to the Farscape convention in Burbank this November! Woo hoo! Now we have to think of some really good questions.
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