Kim (theamyrlin) wrote,

Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and junk mail

Did A&E switch the times for MI-5? I recorded at the same time, and instead I got Cold Case Files. I don't want to miss any more episodes!

Gilmore Girls.
Mini summary: Lorelai takes Rory to Yale, and after three round trips back and forth, finally leaves her there. Rory is roommates with Paris who has a new life coach. Lorelai has fun "borrowing" Luke's truck and trying to stick him with the old Yale mattress; meanwhile, Luke gets harassed by Nicole's divorce lawyers.

Kimmentary: Overall, I thought this episode was pretty cute. It had some really funny moments: "I've seen that tree before." I missed all of the other characters, though. I loved Luke's description of lawyers, which I had to rewind and rewatch with my sister the first time because she enjoyed it so much. Oh yeah, what happened to their cell phones? I know both Lorelai and Rory had phones in the past.

One Tree Hill
Mini summary: Luke (a.k.a. Tristan) chokes big-time in his first game. After that, he can't make baskets anymore! So, he pseudo-quits the team. Nathan and his dad continue to be complete jerks. Peyton (a.k.a. Swimfan) stops drawing for the same reason Tristan does: she thinks she sucks. Oh yeah, Tristan and Nathan get into a fight at school. Everything is resolved at the end of the episode when Tristan decides to play ball because he rips his last name off of his jersey.

Kimmentary: I think that Nathan really hates his dad, which would be cool because his dad is a first-class jerk. I'm hoping that this enmity will eventually lead him to be friends with Tristan. Also, I don't understand why Peyton and Nathan are still together. They obviously don't even like each other.

Let's talk about junk mail. I always look over my bulk mail folder before I trash everything. It sort of amuses me. I just love it when there are subjects like this: "Earn Your Colledge Degree Online" -- as if I would ever want to earn my college degree from a place that can't even spell "college" correctly. One time, I got an offer to get a Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez engagement ring replica! And, today, some lady wanted me to link her adult DVD site from my Smallville site. This kind of thing really annoys me. My site is like rated G. I had to get rid of my personal site guestbook because some moron put a bunch of adult links on it. I just don't understand that! My personal site is like a family site -- pictures of my family, my little brothers and sisters, and so forth. I don't understand why someone would want to taint that.
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