Kim (theamyrlin) wrote,

this past weekend

This past weekend, I got to go to the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles which was really fun. I went with Cecilia and Marisa and Kieryk. We were late, and we only got to hear the last part of my friends' band (Neon Trees) set. They sounded amazing, though. And my friend Chris (the guitarist) got us in for free, which was really nice because tickets were like more than $50 each.

It was really fun to be able to do something like go to a music festival. It was fun to people watch and it was especially fun to be able to hang out with Chris. We sat with him while he ate at this Mediterranean restaurant (we had already eaten before), and a fan approached him and asked for his autograph! My friend is so famous now! :-)

We also got to see Slash with Fergie and Smashing Pumpkins. It was a good time, even with the crowd of people, the people smoking pot and making the air all polluted, and the groping couple who stood in front of me. Also, Billy Corgan does not seem like a very nice person. I wish he was, because I stuck up for him when other people were telling me that he was mean. Oh well, that's too bad. Hopefully he gets over himself and becomes a better person. But, overall, the music was very good. A very fun night made even more fun because of good friends who always look out for me.
Tags: cecilia, concert, friends, music
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