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Why evil characters are cooler than good characters.

Historically, I have favored the evil characters over the good characters, with limited exceptions. And, I think, a piece of everyone is drawn to the darkness of characters like these.

Take, for example, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. We have seen the younger versions of Anakin in Episodes I and II. Was he at all interesting in these incarnations? In Episode I, he is portrayed as a small child with the mitichlorian count surpassing much stronger Jedi. He runs around the desert, and with the exception of the pod race, doesn't do much else, unless you count him *accidentally* blowing up that huge main ship. In Episode II, he progresses into a rather good-looking young Padawan learner. But, what does he do for the entire movie? Three things: whine, make googly eyes at Padmé, and get his butt kicked. When he is portrayed as the evil Darth Vader, he does none of these things. Instead, he travels around the universe, in his bad black cape, Force choking/killing anyone who disagrees with him, breaking out his awesome red light saber, and blowing up planets. Which incarnation is the coolest and most interesting? I've broken it down with the following cool points:

Episodes I & II Anakin:

  • pod race -- 1 (it was interesting for the first five minutes)
  • blowing up the Star Station -- 2 (he did "save the day")
  • successfully seducing Padmé -- 1 (she is really pretty)
  • killing all those sand people -- 1 (at least that was interesting)
  • fighting with two light sabers -- 1 (even though he lost, it still looked really cool)

Grand Total: 6 cool points

Episodes IV & V Anakin/Darth Vader:

  • The outfit -- 2 (need I say more?)
  • The voice -- 2 (ditto)
  • Threatening that Imperial officer -- 1 (he doesn't let anyone mess with him)
  • Torturing Princess Leia (his own daughter) -- 1 (he's mega-wicked)
  • Blowing up Planet Alderaan -- 4 (he fried an entire planet!)
  • Light Saber duel with Obi-Wan/piloting Imperial fighter during Death Star Battle -- 1 (further showing he is a man of action)
  • Killing the useless admiral before the invasion at Hoth using the Force -- 1 (he'll show you what it costs to disobey him!)
  • Showing up in person during the invasion at Hoth -- 1 (shows he's not afraid to get his hands dirty, yo)
  • Being super tricky and showing up at Cloud City before Han and Leia -- 1 (I still don't know how he did that)
  • Killing another Imperial officer after the officer admitted his faults -- 1 (shows that he's got policies, and he lives up to 'em)
  • Light Saber duel with Luke, where he beat him up, played mind games with him, and cut off his own son's hand -- 2 (you can't get any more bad-a** than that)

Anakin pre-evil: 6
Anakin post-evil: 17

I believe the results speak for themselves. Being evil is cooler! Not only does it make you a more stylish and commanding person, but it also makes people hella more interested in you. Remember that one episode of Smallville where this guy becomes possessed with bug powers and goes all evil? Remember him before? Zits. Glasses. Bad clothes. Suddenly, he gets zapped with evil bug powers from kryptonite and he is dressing better, doing better with the ladies, and, you know, making us care about what he does. The same thing happened when Lana went all evil in that crazy Nicodemus flower episode. Before she was wearing those nauseous pastels, staying with Whitney out of guilt, and talking all annoying. EvilLana starts wearing cool clothes, breaks up with her boyfriend/tool, and flirts big-time with the hottest guy in town (I am talking Lex, here, folks). Evil? Is more fun.

Which, is why, I believe that Lauren will be 10 times more interesting now that she is evil. Let's just think about it for one second. What has she really done in the past that was really interesting at all? I can think of only two things: planting that weird shut down device when breaking Sydney out of prison, and shooting that fat guy. Everything else? sucked. Truth was, we didn't really care about whatever it was she was doing. Uncovering the murder of Lazaray? No one cares. Driving a car really fast? Yawn. Getting harassed by Sark? Truthfully, I really wasn't paying attention to her in that scene. Lauren being evil can only improve things.

First of all, we are going to be getting creeped out for all of the right reasons, instead of just something crappy... like her eyebrows. Picture this scene:
(takes place in Mr. and Mrs.'s home, in their bedroom)
VAUGHN: Hey, sweetie. I haven't seen you around the office lately; is everything all right?
LAUREN: (holding already filled wine glasses) You know the NSC, Michael. There's so much surrounding this Rambaldi mystery. Here, (hands Michael a glass) what shall we drink to?
VAUGHN: (smilingly) How about, to us?
(Lauren smiles sweetly and maybe a touch mischievously as she touches her glass to Vaughn's)

You see that? What is Lauren up to? Is she drugging Vaughn? Is she being evil right there? We don't know. Maybe she is... maybe she isn't. Right there, in a scene so simple... is excitement. Before the huge revelation, it would have been boring, but now? Exciting.

Let me cover some other points:

Lauren being evil is the easy way out.

I don't think so. I'm not really "Sydney + Vaughn = 4EVAH!!!!1!!" So, this new revelation didn't make me happy with "shipper" joy. Because, truthfully, I really could care less if she hooks up with Vaughn, partly because I don't really like him, and partly because couplings are not the most interesting subject for Kim. So, frankly, I could really care less if Sydney ever hooks up with anyone.

Truthfully, I was shocked when I saw that Lauren was the sniper. After the writers had worked so tirelessly to make us all *love* her and stuff, I didn't think they were ever going to let up. So, Lauren being evil was a huge surprise. It didn't seem easy. They had worked and worked at making her a nice, good, even sympathetic, character that it was a shocker. Building up something one way for a while, only to have it fall the other way isn't really easy, to me.

Now that Lauren is bad, Vaughn will have a legitimate reason for breaking up with her, and going straight back to Syd.

Perhaps, we are meant to think this. But, wouldn't it be cool if maybe Vaughn finds out, and sticks with her anyways? I mean, I don't think it would be that out of character. He is loyal to what he loves. He loves his country. He loves his job. He loves his wife. We've all seen the type of rules he's willing to break for someone he loves. Is it that far of a stretch that he wouldn't do the same thing for Lauren? I mean, other things would have to fall in place: disillusionment with the agency, huge fight with Sydney, perhaps a little unfairness dealt to him in the form of "serving his country" but I do think it could happen. And, that would make for an even more interesting little twist.

Plus, I don't think that Vaughn is really looking for reasons to divorce his own wife. Because, that? Is really jerkwad-ish. And, while I don't think that Vaughn is really such an awesome and great guy, I don't think that he's that loserish, either. Like he's all, "just give me a reason to go back to Sydney, Lauren." Bastard much? I do think that Vaughn really loves his wife. I don't think that he's looking for an easy out. Even though I don't particularly care for him a huge amount, I still give him that much credit.

How long has Lauren been evil?

I estimate that this is a fairly new occurrence. She doesn't strike me as being Evil All Along, as several things don't really matchup if that's true; specifically, her encounter with Sark, and her meetings with Sloane. So, it is my guess that she probably hooked up with The Covenant around the same time that Sydney was doing dreamworld stuff. I believe that she really does love Vaughn, but she has her doubts about him. That, and maybe Sloane's taunting in the back of her mind about her not being field trained because of her daddy, got to her. So, she went where the action is. It makes sense.

Lastly, let me end with this quote I found from another web site:
"Finally, the reason we allow evil close enough for us to fall in love with the characters -- in general, evil has better manners. Think about it. The heroic character, so certain that what he is doing is right and good, stampedes through the other characters' lives without so much as a by-your-leave. Yet the evil character, knowing how quickly he would be set upon if his true colors were revealed, takes great pains to ensure that people perceive him in the most favorable light. Or perhaps, having achieved the power they sought, like gunfighters of the old west, they realize antagonizing people isn't worth the effort, since then they'd be obligated to kill them."

Doesn't that seem like the truth, though? Sydney is always pissing me off for the very reason I bolded above. My hopes are that she'll join up with Lauren, that way they can be cool and evil together.
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