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Chart: Fashion Timeline

This next chart demonstrates my fashion (or lack of fashion) timeline.

My mom dressed me up until I was probably four years old or so, and then she shopped for me/made my clothing until probably age 8, which is when I started picking out stuff at the store. In picture #1, age 6 months, you can tell how styling I was as a baby. Ruffles and lace are never a bad idea at this age, and I was no exception to that rule. Picture #2, when I was just one is probably proof of where my obsession of rainbows came from, as I am wearing some type of rainbow onesie. Next to me, you can see an outfit that I got at my first birthday party. It is a delightful little ruffly blue number. I actually remember wearing it. In picture #3, I am probably around three years old, and wearing a beautiful little dress.

In picture #4 -- my fourth birthday party -- you can see that I have glasses, which plagued me throughout my childhood, but I am also wearing one of my favorite shirts, a multicolor striped number. I also loved this shirt because I thought it was like a rainbow. In picture #5, I am probably around four or five. I actually think this was the Easter before my fifth birthday. In picture number six, my kindergarten class picture, you can see my brand-new Dorothy Hamill haircut. I didn't like it, because on the way to school one time, these really cool second-graders asked me if I was a boy, and then they laughed at me. In picture #7, my class picture from second grade, I'm wearing a rainbow dress that my mom made for me. And I love that dress. In picture #8, I am wearing a button up shirt with cheetahs on it. I would also like to point out that I picked out the glasses I am wearing in that picture.

I chose picture #9 to demonstrate typical 1980s hair, and #10, to demonstrate the typical clothing that we wore during the summertime in Phoenix. The neon bathing suit is a staple of summertime wear, and we pretty much lived in them every day except for Sunday. In picture #11 (fifth or sixth grade class picture), I'm wearing a collared Coca-Cola shirt which was a hand me down item from some cousins in Utah. I'm also wearing a really cool Little Mermaid watch, but the rubber wristband irritated my skin, so I'm wearing a length of tissue paper under it. Yeah, I knew what was going on!

In seventh grade, picture #12, I decided to get a perm and grow my bangs out. The decision to do so stemmed from me watching Edward Scissorhands. I thought Winona Ryder's blonde hair was so beautiful that I wanted to be like her when I was 17, so I started growing my hair out when I was 12. I'm also wearing a hyper color T-shirt, but it's not the namebrand hyper color. It's a knockoff, because we were poor. Also, during this time, chokers were really in. I really wanted one, but of course, we didn't have the money for one. So, I wore a black satin shoelace tied around my neck, and it looked very much like a choker. With my hair hiding the bow in the back, no one would know. Until one day when they found out, and mocked me senselessly for it. Ah, middle school. Picture #13 is my eighth grade class picture. I'm wearing a typical Mormon preppie early 1990s shirt with dangling clip-on earrings. Yeah, I know you wish you were me, too.

When I was 14, I went through a lot of different fashion phases. First, my friends were like, "Be a preppie, like us." So, I decided to do that. The outfit I am wearing in that picture consisted of what I thought "preppie" was: a navy blue plaid, one piece skorts outfit. I'm also wearing blue suede penny loafers and a young women's necklace. About halfway through the year, I decided that I was not a preppie. So, I did the whole grunge thing, where I wore blue jeans and flannels. It was 1994/1995. However, by the end of the year, I was dressing like picture #15 -- T-shirts, shorts, long socks, scrunchies, and work boots.

By the time sophomore year came around, I decided to wear whatever I pleased, and I feel picture #16 is very indicative of that philosophy. In this picture, I am wearing a tie dyed T-shirt, blue jean cutoffs, long dark green soccer socks, and white and brown saddle shoes. I'm wearing a medium-sized silver bracelet as an accessory. I did all of my shopping at thrift stores, and the things I decided to buy were usually things I had never seen before, and I wasn't afraid of pretty much wearing them all together at one time. In picture #17, I am wearing a hippie type shirt that actually used to be a mumu until I cut it into a shirt. I'm wearing shorts, hippie glasses and an anklet. There were a lot of 1960s/1970s throwbacks in my wardrobe.

In picture #18, I'm wearing what I wore for senior prom, which I was "confident" enough to go to stag, or so I told myself as I went to the dance by myself. I got this dress, as I got all of the dresses I wore to school dances, at a thrift store for probably about eight dollars. I'm also wearing some nice, white, chunky opened toed heels. Probably all of the boys were too intimidated by my beauty, right? That's why no one asked me to the dance.

Starting midway through my junior year, I wore nothing but long pants and long skirts. In picture #19, I'm wearing a pair of baggy Jenko-like jeans with a tie-dyed T-shirt, blue windbreaker, and a light brown suede camping hat.

After my accident, when I was about 19 years old, I discovered that I couldn't wear what I had always loved wearing any more. It was a sad day for me. My waist length hair was always pulled back in two braids like picture #20. I wore plain T-shirts and jeans. Finally, I cut the hair because it was too much to handle. For a while, I wore mainly T-shirts and loose fitting pants like the camo pants in pictures #21 and 22. My hairstyles pretty much consisted of headbands like pictures #23 and 24. After almost 10 years of that style, I evolved into my current ways. I always wear some type of skirt, and I like to wear nice shirts -- not quite T-shirts, but not quite blouses. I don't wear headbands too much anymore, as I prefer to wear a barrette or braid to keep the hair out of my face. I always wear wrist braces to keep my wrists straight and long socks with my Converse looking shoes (they're actually Air Walks). I really like shiny clothes, bright colors, unique looking things that I haven't seen before, and interesting fabrics. I still do most of my shopping at thrift stores. I don't really wear makeup except sometimes for church. In all of these pictures, I think I'm wearing makeup in only three of them -- pictures #13, 15, and 18.

Wow. This is a lot of information. I guess this is good for posterity. Ha ha. :-)
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