Kim (theamyrlin) wrote,

Exciting week!

It's been a very noteworthy week. My sister had her baby (Summer Emily) on July 25. She is so cute and sweet. The almost performed an emergency C-section because Summer was breech and Kellie was already dilated to 5 cm, and she was having contractions. Then, the doctor turned the baby, flipped her by just pushing on Kellie's tummy. I'm so glad that the baby came naturally, and that she was healthy and strong even though she was born almost 4 weeks early.

We have been babysitting Kellie's other two daughters, River and Willow, this whole week since Wednesday. They are so cute!

My mom's birthday was on Thursday. I've been working on something extra special to give to her, and you can see a preview of that, as well a picture of me with my newest niece down below.

I watched the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, which I've never done before. I thought it was pretty good. My favorite part, however, was watching the parade of nations. I also liked the 100 foot tall Voldemort, and the Queen of England jumping out of a helicopter was also pretty sweet. Oh yeah, I also remember liking the interpretive dancers in top hats. Excellent work.

On Saturday, I got to go to a wedding reception, which was nice. For the end of July, it was actually not too bad outside, which was good because the ring ceremony was outdoors. I also watched some Olympics on Saturday including USA swimming where Ryan Lochte won a gold medal, and USA women's basketball, and USA men's gymnastics. I love the Olympics!

Tags: art, family
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