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School, The OC and Lost
California bear

Here is a map of my school so you can really see how many different levels there are. When I go to my first class, I have to go up an elevator in Craven Hall to the fifth floor, and then I have to book it to Academic Hall and go up another elevator so I'm on the third floor. I got lost on the first day probably three times. The good thing was I was never late to any of my classes. The bad thing was I probably was in and out of elevators a total of 20 times (not joking).

Also, since I have nonstop classes from 10 o'clock in the morning until 3:45 p.m., I have no lunch break. On Wednesday, I ate breakfast at 6:30 in the morning, and I was positively starving by the time my last class ended.

I need to get ahead in all my classes that way I can actually watch TV during sweeps. I know, priorities, right?

One thing I thought was pretty funny about all my classes is, in most of them, my teachers were requiring us to write papers about what we think about the literature. I was really confused because my teacher last year taught us all about "scholarly writing" and that we would have to have other sources to backup our opinions, and almost all of my papers are not going to be this way at all. I'm also a little bit scared about this because I'm so not used to it. Of course, I can handle it just fine. I think the only class I'm going to have to work especially hard in is my physiology class, not that the other ones are going to be cake.

"Bratz" doll Chloe / Olivia Wilde

I knew she looked familiar!


I think that they are going to be splitting into two different tribes -- Tribe Jack, and Tribe Locke. With Locke will be Charlie, Boone, Michael, Walt, Sayid, -- and possibly Claire and Shannon. On Team Jack: Kate, Sawyer, Sun, Gin, Hurley. I think that Sayid, Claire and Shannon could probably go either way. Sayid might go with Jack because he has in the past, but he also might side with Locke because I think that he senses that Locke knows more than he lets on. Claire would probably want to be with Charlie, but she also had that creepy dream where Locke had the black eyes, so she might go with Jack, but he was also really mean to her, so she really is a wild card. I was thinking that Shannon would probably go wherever Boone goes, (and his loyalty is clearly with Locke) but they are on the outs right now, and Shannon will probably go wherever Sayid goes, and I'm not sure which way he will pick.

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I think Michael would want to stay with Jack, actually, but that Walt is too connected to Locke for him to choose otherwise. Whoa ho ho. Fun for all.

Yeah, that's what I figured. Plus, I think that Michael will feel a little indebted to Locke for finding Walt.

Love the icon! Very cute!

Thanks! I got it from miggy. She posted about seven, and she said she's going to do more.

I was reading in another of your entries that someone sent the e-bay police after you for selling a poster of 'Lost.' What was that all about?

From the map, your new school looks pretty neat.

I would really not like 'Lost' to become a "battling tribes" show. But I could see how it could become that kind of show. To me, it would take away from the "island mystery" plot.

Yeah, apparently you're not supposed to take another person's photo and then use it in your auction. This is called "image theft" and it is wrong.

I don't know if it's going to go to the battle of the tribes, but I'm not opposed to that. I think that eventually everyone would understand that the island was a "mystery" and would eventually join Locke -- who has a much steadier grip on whatever the mysterious force of the island is.

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