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Because I'm curious.
California bear

Where you live, what color are the lines in parking lots?

I'm not sure.

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I clicked on white but it's up to the individual owner of the parking lot so some of them are yellow. *shrug*

Would you say that the majority of them are white? Or is it about 50/50?

I'm pretty sure they're yellow.

We also have yellow for "do not park here" on curbs, unless they're leaving the space open for fire trucks, in which case the curb is red.

Next time you are out, doublecheck to make sure and let me know? I'm trying to solve a mystery.

The yellow curbs in California are loading zones, and you can drop off people or things but not park. Green curbs are temporary parking; blue curbs are handicapped parking; white curbs are special loading areas; and red is for fire, of course.

Wow, y'all are color-coding central. Our parking spaces are done in white, and yellow is used to designate no-parking or loading-only areas in areas where you can normally park on the curb. If you can't normally park on the curb, we stick to the red and white NO PARKING signs.

And fire zones are red, except for when they're yellow and labelled FIRE ZONE in white.

Wow. Color Coding Central!

Out of curiosity, does it snow where you live?

Um... sometimes? Mostly, if Mother Nature feels the need to give us anything of the frozen variety, she is greatly amused by dumping ice on us. Ice sucks. Ice doesn't plow. Luckily, I live in the South and, thus, ice melts relatively quickly.

Except for when it doesn't. We actually got a blizzard my junior year of high school, but we have almost no snow plows. And the weather stayed below freezing for a good long while. THAT was fun.

Here's my first research result.

The next time we go out, I'll check that parking lot, too.

Thanks! It looks like the parking lots were originally yellow, but then converted. Very interesting.

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