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Summer days slipping away...
So, I just finished watching the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Cliffhanger much? I am in desperate need of the first six episodes of season two. Help?

I start school on Monday. I only have school twice a week -- on Monday and on Wednesday. Giant days, though. My first class starts at 10 o'clock in the morning, and the last one finishes at 5:15 PM. I just took a look at my booklist. It doesn't look like I'm going to be paying less than $200 for the coming up semester. One class, a writing class, has 10 books listed!

Anyway, I just got the syllabi from two of my classes. I was thinking that this semester was going to be smooth sailing, but it will still have its challenges, for sure. I will still probably get straight As, but it might be more work than I had planned originally.

I went to Seaworld on Monday and had a pretty good time. My sister LOVES Shamu. I'm going with my other sister again on Saturday. I'm going to buy books tomorrow.

Where did summer go?

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I just finished the miniseries and I'm feeling the same way about the first season as you are about the second. Is it September 20 yet?

It really is an excellent show. Of course this means I have to lift my ban of all things Sci-fi Channel.

Of course this means I have to lift my ban of all things Sci-fi Channel.


You're going back to Seaworld Saturday? Bummer. I'll be there tomorrow.

Summer went by way fast.

I read your entry on Seaworld. On Saturday, I got sunburned. What was your favorite?

What are the 10 books?

My most book-intensive undergrad course was a multicultural education course, where we read about that many books, but they were all, like, novels, and biographies, and A Nation at Risk, so it was a very interesting reading list.

They are: On Writing Well by Zinsser, On Writing by Stephen King, Holy Land by Waldie, Watermark by Brodsky, Messages from My Father by Trillin, Comfort Me with Apples by Reichl, Girl, Interrupted by Kaysen, Writing by Duras, Walking Light by Dunn.

So far I've purchased four of them. (The Zinsser, King, Reichl, and Kaysen)

Summer is going on vacation. That's what my neice said the other day. It was very cute.

I am seriously jealous of your Seaworld trips. I love it there.

During my time as an anthropology major I had several courses with 10 or more books. The one that really through me for a loop was the one in german. The book was written in the german language and it wasn't for a german course. We had to track the prof down before the semester started to make him change the book. And he didn't really want to. He was all "it's a really good book, maybe you know someone who can translate it for you..." No. In good news he was cute, so we let him off the hook. Later in the semester he had a chapter translated by someone in the languages department so he could still use some of his "really good book".

Seaworld is awesome. I got burnt yesterday, though.

Teachers are wacky. Your German teacher sounds like a cool guy -- maybe a little over excited about German.

(Deleted comment)
If you can believe it, I forgot who I lent out those DVDs to. I'm glad you reminded me. That chick genius (Summer Glau) was at that Buffy party we both went to a while ago.

I downloaded the entire season of The OC. I now have all 8GB on my hard drive. I could upload them and take them down as you need them. Just let me know.

(PS -- happy late birthday. I meant to call you yesterday but got home really late from Seaworld.)

Luckily, Sci Fi reruns BSG about 423487987 times. Right now they are showing the repeats out of order, however, so I think next week they are repeating the third season 2 episode (Valley of Shadows? something like that). You might just record them as they come on and then, when you collect all 6, sit down for a viewing.

Thanks for the tip. I was unsure about what they did with reruns because I searched for BSG, and all they had was the listing for the new episode.

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