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My least favorite state.
I'm kind of bumming out hard-core right now because my best friend (Cecilia) is moving to Utah this Sunday. She told me that she was going to do so yesterday.

I officially hate Utah in every possible way there is to hate something. First, it takes away my sister, and now, my best friend. I feel like crying forever.

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Kim!!! :(( *many, many hugs*

P.S. Did you ever find someone to send you S2 of BSG? Because I could! Would that make you feel better? *more hugs*

What you really send me BSG? That would be excellent. And would definitely fall in the category of making me feel better.

I officially hate Utah on your behalf, and I will forevermore.

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I can't wait till I get my membership card in the mail. :-)

Awww, man. Sign me up for Utah Haters Anonymous.

Oh no! That sucks. I will hate Utah as well - we'll have a whole club.

It feels better to have a whole club. Thanks. :-)

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