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First day of school.
Today was my first day of school!

It was an OK day. It started with me unable to find my laptop and my wallet (wallet still missing), and pretty much ended with my wheelchair catching on fire. I'm also really sad about my friend being gone, and I have a swimmer's ear infection.

To fight the urge to cry, I had to think about stupid things like pushing thumbtacks into the wall and stapling papers together. So, basically I spent the day thinking about staples and thumbtacks. (I have to tell you that this really does work. If you feel like tears are going to spontaneously erupt from your eye sockets, start thinking about something hopelessly mundane. Any type of school supply use works with me. Sometimes it's staples, other times paper clips. Does the trick every time, though.)

I don't know how I'm getting to school on Wednesday or what I am going to do if I am all alone. My feet kept on falling off the foot rests all day today, and at one point my legs started spasming so strongly that I nearly slipped out of my chair altogether.

In good news, my teachers were all really very nice. The classes seem like they're going to be fun and not too hard. So, that's good. I also feel kind of dumb complaining about my life when a lot of people just lost everything. My heart goes out to them.

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OMG, how did your wheelchair catch on fire? That's scary, man. How did you get it out? I need more details so I don't worry about this happening again.

I'm sorry things worked out so badly (minus the teachers). Maybe that's August being adamant about being pushed aside for September. I have the feeling September's going to be a good month.

It was only a few quick sparks and mostly smoke. Luckily for me, it wasn't while I was at school. I was at home chilling with my sister who called my mom down and then we put me back into bed. It was caused by some device that my dad put on the battery. My dad fixed it so that it will never happen again last night.

Whoa? ON fire! I'm really glad there was no serious damage, but wow.. how crazy!

That's cool that your classes seem fun. :) I love it when that happens.

I know! My life is the craziness lately. :)

Good, good. That's what I needed to hear.

Man, another bad day report. We are all due for some goodness. I'm sorry to hear you had a tough time.

I'll have to try that school supplies trick.

It really does work (the school supplies trick). I found that if I try to think about something happy while I'm sad, it just makes it worse. So I thought about school supplies.

Very sorry to hear about your identity theft experience. It happened to me, as well, and I contacted my bank (Wells Fargo), and I didn't have to pay for any of the charges. I think it was in excess of $300, too.

What is with all the badness lately?

Kim!! Omg, everything goes wrong at once. I hope you (and your chair) are okay! And that your wallet shows up, and your ear gets better, and Cecilia hates Utah and comes home. ::hugs::

I am fine and my chair is OK now, too. It took my dad only 10 minutes to fix. Apparently, something he put on the battery caused the insy fire. I was lucky it happened at home.

My wallet did show up at my door this morning, weirdly. I left it at church and this lady brought it back to me -- everything (including cash) still intact.

If my luck can change for the better, I think that yours should too. Is there any way that you can refinance? I pray that there is; I know how much you love your house. <3much love for Julie<3

Aw, Kim, yesterday was the worst day ever omg. I hope today is much better for you and everyone else. *hugs*

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